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Transfer of Lease:

As a result of todays ever changing economy, the commercial real estate needs of a business can often need to change in order for it to continue to thrive. Other internal factors within a business can also influence its commercial real estate needs during the term of the lease.

These changes may involve a decision to downsize the space required to lease or indeed upsize if additional space is required. Furthermore in other instances it simply may be a decision due to improved location opportunities. Therefore the requirement to Transfer a Lease is becoming more and more common.

Whatever the reason may be to vacate during the term of a lease, to Transfer a Lease can be a very viable option to release the business / owner from the lease obligations. At HKC Property Consultants we have worked with many businesses (the tenant) to assist them in not only sourcing a suitable tenant to transfer their lease too, but to also manage the process which involves seeking landlord approval.


On the other hand a tenant may have additional space within their leased premises that is surplus to their requirements. This space is costing money and it may very well be a suitable area to sub-lease. Sub-Leasing can provide tenants with much needed revenue to cover the costs of unused space.

Sub-Leasing opportunities can be very attractive to small & medium sized businesses that are often seeking co-sharing, flexible spaces with fixed costs while they grow their business.

At HKC Property Consultants we assist many tenants in sub-leasing unused space. Initially we assess a tenant’s space to firstly determine if it is suitable for sub-leasing and advise on potential rental income that could be achieved. Following this assessment HKC can act on the tenant’s behalf to source a suitable sub-tenant. We market the property for lease, carry out all inspections, assess prospective tenants & negotiate rental terms with suitable tenants.

To find out further information and discuss how we can assist you with either Transferring a Lease or Sub-Leasing call HKC now.