Commercial Property Buyers Agent | HKC Property Consultants

HKC Property Consultants understands how difficult and time consuming it can be to purchase a commercial property successfully.  We are guided by your individual requirements and will provide you with a clear strategy and secure you the perfect property at the best price possible and on the most favourable terms.  As commercial property buyers agents (also known as commercial buyer agents or commercial buyer advocates) specialising in Melbourne property, our advice is objective and unbiased and provides you with privacy and anonymity.

As Commercial Buyers Agents we offer a range of services to assist your property acquisition

  • Analysis: Analyse and understand your individual needs and objectives
  • Search: Actively search all properties on and off the market to ensure we miss no opportunity which meets your criteria
  • Inspection:Inspect all suitable properties, not only to ensure that they meet your requirements but to eliminate any risk factors
  • Appraisal: Review current and past sales evidence to form an opinion of the market value of the suitable properties
  • Shortlist: Present a detailed report, commentary and analysis of the properties we believe are most suitable
  • Negotiate: Negotiate on your behalf to secure your chosen property for the most favourable price and terms.

HKC Property Consultants will provide you with independent and objective commercial property advice and analysis whilst offering you anonymity and privacy during the purchase process. Our industry contacts ensure we have access to off market / unlisted properties which is readily available to private buyers.

We provide a disciplined and emotionless approach to buying commercial property, which is designed to maximise investment return for our clients. If you need help or advice from an expert commercial property buyers agent who knows the Melbourne market, call HKC today.