Commercial Tenant Representation | HKC Property Consultants

We are commercial tenant representatives (also known as tenant advocates or a tenant advisors) providing end-to-end solutions for commercial tenants from site acquisition to lease end and everything in between. We work with tenants of all sizes - no business is too big or too small to utilise our tenant representation services.

We offer a free no obligation consultation whereby we assess your needs as a commercial tenant and determine how best we can assist you.  We help you make informed decisions and provide expert representation.

Each tenant's circumstances are different and so we follow the below four-step process in order to fully understand each circumstance and to provide the best advice accordingly.

  • Assessment:Assess your individual circumstances and your objectives
  • Strategy:Research and present viable strategies for your review
  • Decision:Provide you with an objective recommendation to help you make aaaaaaaaaaaa your decision
  • Execute:Carry out the agreed strategy plan to the preferred outcome

A list of the services offered by HKC Property Consultants provide, but is not limited to:

Commercial Site Acquisition (Sourcing of retail, office or industrial premises to lease)

If you are seeking to find your first retail, office or industrial premises, or expanding your business and require additional premises to lease, then we can act on your behalf to source your new site and negotiate the best possible lease terms. (Read more)

Transfer of Lease & Sub-Leasing:

Have you outgrown your current space, need to downsize or wish to exit your lease early? We can act on your behalf to secure you a suitable tenant. Or perhaps you have space surplus to your requirements, we can find a suitable sub-tenant on your behalf. (Read More)

Market Rent Reviews & Lease Renewals

We conduct full market rent reviews, obtaining key evidence to determine a competitive rental rate and negotiate on your behalf to ensure that the best rental is achieved.

At lease renewal stage, we ensure that options are exercised according to legislation; we review the lease & disclosure statement documentation and ensure that all agreed commercial terms are reflected.  We can also assist in negotiating variation of the lease terms as required.

Landlord / Lease Disputes

We assess the situation according to the relevant legislation and provide you with professional, independent and objective advice to resolve the dispute.  We also can act on your behalf at mediation if required and can provide advice for VCAT.

Exit Strategies

Depending on the individual circumstances surrounding the need to break the lease and upon review of the actual lease terms we will be able to assess, recommend and undertake a strategy to ensure a result that satisfies all parties.

Lease Portfolio Review

We undertake all lease administrative duties, which not only includes a date register of lease start/end dates, rent reviews & options but also budgeting and expense review, ensuring that critical lease dates are met and with the analysis of outgoings confirm that only budgeted / recoverable expenses are being charged.

In addition to the above core services we assess individual tenant circumstances and offer solutions that assist their specific needs.  For example we provide advice and solutions on:

  • Tenant arrears
  • Outgoings Analysis
  • Repairs & maintenance obligations
  • Make good requirements