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The Australian Commercial Real Estate Market Burst or Bloom

The Australian Commercial Real Estate Market: Burst or Boom?

Low interest rates, foreign investments, an expanding population (therefore an expanding building infrastructure), have all played a major role in investors channelling their money into commercial properties for higher returns. From high-rise office buildings to inner suburb warehouses, commercial properties have shown an upward trend in prices over the past few years. Melbourne, Sydney and.

PCR - Property Condition Report for commercial properties by HKC

How A Commercial Property Condition Report (PCR) Can Save Time & Money

People often associate a “Property Condition Report” (PCR) with residential leasing. Not so. At HKC Property Consultants we will always recommend to our clients that they activate a strong and binding PCR for their commercial property interests. It resolves many a dispute between owner and tenant, thereby protecting your valuable investment.   Interpretation Often what.

How To Keep Commercial Tenants in Difficult Market Conditions

How To Keep Commercial Tenants in Difficult Market Conditions

Stable tenants, uninterrupted cash flow and excellent ROI – it’s what every commercial landlord wants. And in a buoyant market, it’s what you should be getting. But what happens when the going gets tough and the market takes a downturn?  And your tenant’s business is starting to look a little shaky? Communicate early and often.